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I READ IT IN THE VOICE Steven Universe
A GIANT WOOMAN!! lol you so read this in Steven's voice while singing it didnt you? (The pin, not this comment)
Like if you read it in the voice lol
We all read this in her voice don't lie
Her Bio
I read that in her voice and it's amazing | Funny | Steven universe, Steven universe memes, Lapidot
Definitely read that last part in pearls voice. Steven Universe Memes, Greg Universe,
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Peridot + Steven Universe | Cartoon Connoisseur, The | Pinterest | Steven universe, Steven universe comic and Universe
Voice actors of Steven Universe
steven universe lady voice cast
Steven Universe-Last One Out Of Beach City(extended end credits) - YouTube
It sure seems like we're getting closer to a climax, right? Where almost every episode of Steven Universe has had forward momentum, if only for one or two ...
Voice Actor Of Pearl and Rose from Steven Universe Singing together!! (Video from their instagram)
Steven Universe Voice Impressions (bonus- cringey Amethyst)~ READ DESCRIPTION!
I can even read it in her voice too.
Estelle is also a voice actress: Garnet from CN's 'Steven Universe'
Steven Universe White Diamond
Image: Steven Universe (Cartoon Network)
Petition · Rebecca Sugar: Cast Laura Prepon as the voice of Steven Universe's Mystery Girl · Change.org
"Stronger Than You" I Steven Universe | Cartoon Network - YouTube
Steven Universe revealing Lars as Filipinx/Filipino made him fascinating - Polygon
The Voices of Steven Universe at MomoCon 2017
Image: Cartoon Network. “
I read all of these responses in her voice XD
I immediately read this in her voice. I'm dead. Jasper Steven Universe
[Steven Universe Voice Reel] Male Peridot, Jasper, Lapis (Bonus) Lars reel - YouTube
Steven Universe Original Graphic Novel: Camp Pining Play
Deedee Magno Hall
“Mr. Greg” brings you a Steven Universe musical
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Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems 1 Page 14
Steven Universe: Guide to the Crystal Gems
How Steven Universe Became This Decade's Avatar: The Last Airbender - IGN
When I read, "Pretty cool right?" I totally heard Stevonnie's voice in my head.
Steven Universe - Legs From Here to Homeworld.jpg
e, evil queen ¼@vomiting Sep 14 @kimberlydbrooks please read the navy seals
Steven Universe | Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond Clues | Cartoon Network
Omg I'm crying X'DDD read it to yourself in peridot's voice you won't regret it
I can literally read that in her voice.
The Recap: Steven and Greg spend time with the humans in the zoo, who've never seen Earth and have adapted to following the orders of an automated voice in ...
illustration of steven from steven universe
steven universe b I read Lapis' part in a Dracula voice lmaoo • • Please
Image: Steven Universe (Cartoon Network)
FALLING STAR CHAPTER VII part two This chapter was Pearl's idea You can download the part
Steven Universe Theory & Speculation - YouTube
Steven Universe The Trial | Season 5 Episode 2 - Nikkitori/YouTube
Steven Universe. Courtesy Cartoon Network
TV's best explorations of sex and gender are on an alien cartoon called Steven Universe.
Zach Callison
Reader FULL (Steven Universe) by TaranThyGod on DeviantArt
read: Steven Universe – Greg Universe special no.1
I just read that in her voice and laughed a little to hard
Steven Universe
"Steven Universe" Recap: "Lars of the Stars"/"Jungle Moon" | The Mary Sue
Netflix's She-Ra reboot follows closely in Steven Universe's footsteps
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read this article, if you love emerald. in: Steven Universe Wiki Emerald
Steven Universe: Art & Origins: Chris McDonnell, Inc. Cartoon Network Enterprises, Rebecca Sugar: 4708364241461: Amazon.com: Books
Screenshot from Steven Universe return trailer 10/30/17. “
Steven Universe: Save the Light review
Steven Universe ( for those who cannot read the text it says i like to believe
I sang it in my head with the Pirate guy's voice along with Spongebob them.
Before I even realized whos body pearls head was on I had already read the text in the elf's voice!
I read this whole thing in his voice too
Her voice sounds so calm, mysterious, and caring. And I think, she will be voicing a new character in her show Steven Universe.
I didn't think much of the favourite until I read who the person was! Michaela Dietz... the voice of Amethyst! I was so excited! I fangirled!
These can be found again in our [Guidelines] in section 12. Also attached are images of that specific guideline section, if you would like to read:
Steven Universe is a fun cartoon about... Family rien Believing in Yourself Love
Dropping Gems: An Interview with the Composers of the Score for 'Steven Universe' - Noisey
Crystal Gems | Steven Universe | Steven universe, Steven universe fusion, Universe
Cartoon Network Celebrates Adventure Time and Steven Universe with 2018 Comic-Con Lineup
OC voice claims READ DESC
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my favorite couples/ships from steven universe
Steven Universe Original Graphic Novel: Camp Pining Play
Grace Rolek
Steven Universe - The Answer.jpg
On all levels except physical, I am a wolf *arf* Why did I read that in his voice immediately?
Of you didn't read/think this in her voice than you aren't a D.C fan
Steven Universe Original Graphic Novel: Camp Pining Play
Steven Universe may be one of the most progressive cartoons ever, but it still stumbles when it comes to depictions of race.
Rebecca Sugar has said that her biggest inspiration for Steven Universe is her own childhood spent playing video games, watching cartoons and hanging out ...
Undertale x Steven Universe | Easter Eggs | (Parody) By LoulouVZ - YouTube